Reality short poem

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I’m a little weary, I might need some sleep,
Reality I’m exhausted and I can’t even speak.
I am feeling fine, yeah sure I am okay,
Reality, I’m screaming but being drowned out anyway.
Yes I am excited and I can barely wait,
Reality, I’m feeling sick as I draw near to the date.
I’m a little sad, I feel a little low,
Reality, I’m desperate I just don’t want it to show.
Everything’s okay, it’s all going right to plan,
Reality, I’ve no idea just where the hell I am.
I look so happy and I smile all the time,
Reality, it’s just another trick of looking fine.
Hey, I’m not so bothered, it wasn’t meant to be,
Reality, devastated!! it was only meant for me!
I tell you where I’m heading, my five year plan is clear,
Reality, I’m lost and there’s a chance I won’t be here.
I’m feeling kinda stressed, I’ll maybe have a bath,
Reality, I’m crippled by anxiety and it’s wrath.
I wish that you could see me and could see this life of mine,
Reality, that girl you see… she only works part time.

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