Better Man

Better Man short poem

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Lord if I died today I’d be a better man for knowing You
You gave my life dignity, purpose and wisdom too
Exposed all my weakness to myself forgiving like no other
My Father, oh my Lord, beside me always like a brother
Laid my path before me with Your kindness, testing, toil and strife
Taught there is no easy path to heaven, no worthy shortcuts in this life
Abundance but a fleeting moment, hard times unspoken myth
You have woven all my blessings, a warm quilt colored labyrinth

Lord if I died this very moment I’d be a better man for knowing You
For You gave Your life for those newborn, asking only they be true
You taught us to love each other dearly, show kindness from our heart
Better to give than to receive, Your doctrine from the start
Fragile as the wings that beat upon the dimly candled moth
This world we’re in, it will beat us down, with avarice and sloth
But I will rise to the occasion, be strong, generous and forgiving
Pass along Your word of God for all, life with You, is truly living

Lord if you took me now I’d better a better man, old unseasoned seed
For You have given me everything I possess, cast away what I don’t need
I wish all the world could know your love, and blessings as I have
Walk the golden bricks of heaven, cure my wounds, St. Peters salve
You know my heart, sometimes evil and yet ungrateful to a fault
You have sanctified my world, my table, from where we all exalt
Please I pray for time I wish, that I, may have my loves forever near
But if You’ll need me now, I’ll be a better man, I’m ready, I have no fear

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"Let every word tell; Make every word count!" Those words were spoken by Ed Fike, editor of editorial page of the San Diego union newspaper in 1981, when I took his night school journalism course at San Diego City College. Mr. Fike had a profound influence on the way I approach writing. I believe he had a profound influence on everyone he met. Anyway, I did not pursue a career in journalism, but instead became a tradesman, earning my living with my hands. Writing is my hobby and pastime.
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