The Mask We Wear

The Mask We Wear long poem

Photo by Turinboy

It gives me the greatest joy
To see people laughing
And I’ll do anything I can
To make sure they don’t lose their mirth

Some giggle slightly
Some laugh out aloud
Some laugh so hard
Tears stream down their faces

But laugh they do
When I’m with them
What joy it is to share
Your laughter and jokes

I bring in joy, they say
I bring in cheer, they say
I make everyone’s day, they say
And how dull life is without me, they say!

Some days, my world is cracking up from the inside
And some days, it’s tearing up
I want to cry myself to exhaustion on some days
And some days I want to break out of my mask

I have tried to break open my mask
But when people have seen me,
They have shuddered and revolted
They want me to put my mask on once again

They find it hard to see my scars
They find it ugly to see my pain
How can someone like you
Have such an ugly side too?

Put back that mask
That’s what you are
You are the joy and cheer
You are the hope and laughter

Put back that mask
And don’t show us your ugly side
We have enough ugliness already
To deal with more from you

So I put on that mask again
And burst into a fit of laughter
Tears running down my face
And everyone applauds and says you are the sunshine in our gloom!

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Poignant. Somewhat disturbing but intensely poetic. Perfect rhythm., perfect dig at masked civilization as well.


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