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As soon as upon the east, the Sun appeared
The darkness out of fear slowly disappeared
The Sun immediately commenced the invasion
To conquer the skies and complete the mission

Annihilating the stars which were apart
The sun added each disappearing star to its cart
And as the cart grew heavier with each star
The sun became hotter and an undisputed Czar

Inch by inch as the Sun invaded through the east
It enhanced in splendour, that triumphant beast
The bloody beast grew bloodier by the day
Reducing to ashes each challenger in its way

The silent and soothing moon smiled against the Sun
Sailed across the skies to stop the beast on the run
The Sun at its pinnacle of glory, gazed in wonder at the moon
Haughtily confident, to exterminate that final contestant soon

Slowly and steadily as the moon neared the sun
The firmament gathered to witness the battle to run
The serene moon rose and absolutely eclipsed the Sun
And the conqueror’s conquest was belittled into fun

That moment onwards the glory of the sun declined
As its journey towards the west inclined
The sovereign Sun which had conquered the sky by noon
Was eclipsed into a diminishing destiny by the moon

All glory all honour was nothing but an illusion
Created by man in his everlasting confusion
The belittled Sun slowly moved into the west
Defeated by the moon, which was at its best

As soon as the conqueror drowned into the west sea
Imp after imp the imps crawled out from the east sea
With mischief in their minds and hearse in their hearts
They spread all around corrupting all the parts

The deeds of the darkness descended upon man
As the demons danced in revelry and ran
They ran around in fervour to devour every mind
That was open to demons of each and every kind

Corrupting the minds down to the core
The demons danced with vigour, upon the floor
The dogs howled and cried all through the night
As wrong grew victorious over the right

The monstrous mass of matter in the mind
Scheming every moment to commit a crime
Explored every realm an award to win
For the most deplorable crime in the world of sin

And then there was exultation absolute in hell
When men and women degraded and fell
How fragile and frail was man in the night
To lose all those ethical battles without a fight

As right became wrong and wrong became right
And the night’s darkness was believed to be bright
The world entered into a new realm of ethics
Christened by the command in Hades as politics

In politics each person ought to be given full justice
But it ought to be equivalent to average injustice
Every black act is shown as incorruptible white
The commons have no choice, nor voice against their might

Living as lifeless people the commoners have no name
But they try to upgrade themselves into a singular shame
Striving to board the crooked train which all their life they hate
Wrong over right is what they get, in their life and their fate

The so called righteous commoners stand corrupted in their ways
Struggling to locate the evasive right in a completely corrupted maze
And in their search for righteous life they dwell upon the sins
And lose their life on the wrong train, and with that all blessings

Yet they call themselves right and other generations wrong
Losing all distinction and discretion all along
That which was old Hades is now for them new heaven
One plus one which was once two, is now turned into eleven

And then came the silent burning Sun from the dark east
To defeat the dark deeds and finish off the feast
The bloody sun became bloodier by the noon
To turn to ashes every sin, and drive away the moon

The sun may set right every day, but what about the night
As long as man is corrupted, no Sun can give any fight
As long as wrong is over right, there can be nothing right.
And as long as man is distorted, there’ll be darkness in the light.

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