I Stand Here Alone

I Stand Here Alone long poem

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I stand here alone. Afraid.
Why did you ever lie to me?
Dragging me further and further down with this temporary love,
You had me paralysed, mesmerised with your very essence.
Why couldn’t I break free..?
Weak, so weak I was unable to realise how blinded I really was.
You took my heart, the only piece of me that knew who I was.
And you unleashed a slow burning torture so deep that I eventually liked it.
Deeper than I’ve ever been, who am I anymore?
Lost within my own self, you left me scarred more than a soldier in war.
I stand here lonely. Losing my mind.
I loved you like no other, the purest it could ever be.
But the feelings weren’t the same, you likened to me as something else.
Something far from what I felt for your very soul.
The most saddening thought, is that you initiated everything,
From the absolute beginning right till the very end.
Power is corruption. And you held control of everything.
Yet deep down did you always know?
I hear whispers so chilling that I dismiss anything spoken of you.
But then I realise what do I really know?
You have the lives of so many around you,
Whilst I have none, and so I fall into this state.
Not even able to say my proper goodbyes..
Not even one last kiss on your soft, silky skin.
Torn apart into nothingness, that is I, a lonesome figure in the shadows.
Wondering is my mind, wanting to know how you are feeling.
Is your life better off?
Oh my dearest one my heart is unfixable,
For you were the most beautiful person on this earth.
And so I stand here alone. With only myself to care for, and only one question to ask.
Oh when does this pain get better..?

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New to the writing scene. I write what comes naturally to me without a defined structure. I am not confident on the different structures.I am in a difficult situation and writing makes coping somewhat easier.Something to note, there is a similar theme that runs through all of my writing.Any feedback will be genuinely appreciated. A little caution, it is quite dark.All the best!
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