A Lonely Walk To Winter Heaven

A Lonely Walk To Winter Heaven short poem

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A walk on an empty road ,
Inhabited yet filled,
A sound of husband wife quarrel,
College students laugh ,
Romance of young couple in love,
Stray dogs’ prey quest ,
A bird’s chirp from the nest,
Playground commotion of children’s game ,
An owl’s hoot at night ,
Hammer thrash sounds from renovated house,
Footsteps of passers by ,
Screeching tyres of an old cadillac ,
Soulful song of beggar in grief,
A Mother’s bedtime story to her son.

The connotations are head’s play,
Speaks a voice within,
It’s an empty road my friend ,
A sole player ,
In this game of life ,
Thy end is near ,
Scientific validity cannot be questioned ,
Dogmatic mortal life has paid its price ,
Words to be left for notebook read ,
It’s a universal truth ,
Death can’t be defied .

Aaah ! Words I smile ,
As eyes shut down,the last recite ,
A Shelley quote ,
Sums the intra-personal debate ,
If winter comes can spring be far behind ?

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