A Kinetic Kiss

A Kinetic Kiss short poem

Uploaded by Akhtar Jawad

Rise like clouds and fall like rains,
Roam below the blue sky,
Sing with a friend and dance with ally,
Wash out the acids and kill the pains,
A rainbow is needed by an aesthetic heart,
Inspire a lover for a poetic art.

Like a barbie doll in a colorful dress,
Its softness on the lips, a rose in hairs,
Silently come on the back stairs,
I am aggrieved will you please redress,
No work is more important than love,
What else is needed if we can love!

Winds are wet, a noon of dim light,
No heat strokes now weather is pleasing,
The naughty nature is truly teasing,
Ahead of us is a full moon night,
Not much sweetheart just a moment of bliss,
A healing heating hug, a kinetic kiss!

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2 Comments on "A Kinetic Kiss"

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ammu sachariah

” No work is more important than Love,
What else is needed if we can love ” .
Love is the most important factor of life . I f some one is there to love, we will be the luckiest person in this world. good poem.


I like the lay out of this poem very much, @ dear Akhtar. Its rhythm and rhyme are perfect. I love how, despite the ups and downs of life, the poet emphasises that if we have love we need nothing more, love is everything and so it is. I would prefer to be rich in love than material wealth. Love is forever, it is never wasted. The giver as well as the receiver benefits. It is a mutual gift. A kinetic kiss would depend on movement for effect. Gosh! I’ve never had a kiss like that dear Akhtar! Hope I get the chance some day, lol… Beautiful work, excellently expressed and complemented by an excellent choice of graphic. I wish you a very nice day dear friend. Blessings always…


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