Why I Write A Poem

Why I Write A Poem short poem

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I often ask myself why I write poems
I am often asked is this your story

I write poems in the silence of night
in those sleepless nights
The urge to write, the pains felt,
the life lived, the suffering gone through
Some my own, some of others
My poems bear all kinds of emotions
for me its a self-expression

My poems need not necessarily be my own
It can be mine yet it can be yours
It can be anyone’s pain borne

I write poems using simple plain ordinary words
As simple as life can be
With a belief my poems would touch
hearts of the simplest thee

I write poems on what life has thrown
At me and those around me
I write poem so that others feel
How difficult it may be
to walk in someone else’s shoes

I write poems on family’s unity
I write poem on suffering humanity

Death is inevitable
Life is uncertain
With the passage of time
I know my poems would soon be forgotten

Yet I write poems ’cause
I write to live
I write to love

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6 Comments on "Why I Write A Poem"

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very nice poem. our experiences are because we live among people and our surroundings are live with incidents that affect our views and sentiments. Without this there will be no literature.

Ramapriya Nr

Your poem is a reflection of ones feeling straight from the heart. After all poems are round about ways of expressing in lyrical format .Every subject has its significance in life and reading in a poetic form gives more punch to the subject then in the prose form. Job very well done. congrats saviji

ammu sachariah

good one Savi.


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