Infinity short poem

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Hey, someone ask my heart….
What’s the reason for its beating….
Only one sound will come from it….
My love has come to stay in it. ….

Hey, someone ask my breath….
What’s the reason of passing through me.. .
Only one sense of feeling will come from it. ..
My love has touched me to that sense. …

Hey, someone ask my dream. ….
Why it comes every night in my eyes. …
The only reason it will tell.. ..
To show beautiful world along with my love.. ..

The only sense for me to live. …
Starts with you… ..
Every moment I just feel for you.. ..
And this sense goes on increasing. ….
With each passing moment. …..
My love for you is unto infinity.. ….

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Nrj.Malvika Mandal

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I Nrj. Malvika Mandal, love to write romantic poems and poems related to human feelings. Writing poems comes naturally to me. My poems got selected in... Contemporary readers digest, NY TOP 100 Poems Anthropology 2014 Best romantic poems 2015 New England Poetry Journal 2015 Evergreen poems 2015 Poet's Showcase and Yearbook
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Infinity short poem

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