Klonopin Warrior

Klonopin Warrior short poem

Photo by ndanger

Drifting away with the evening breeze
yesterday’s happiness tends to disappear
I watch myself in the mirror, and know
the Klonopin warrior comes to the rescue
It´s a mask that covers my tears
just take it and hold it into your hands
Scream so loud no one can hear
just smile and make everyone believe
Taking a handful will not always help
but the late and dark night will thank you
where are you Klonopin warrior?
I still believe I´m a fighter
The pain will never go away,
that´s not its purpose
having hope it´s a reason to live
don´t make it an excuse you cannot keep
White knight don´t leave me alone
I´ve been with you for years,
not that it has been my choice
but because it has been a need
Without you I cannot sleep, I cannot rest,
I cannot live, I cannot laugh
It will never be a high
but I trust you will be by my side.

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