Absolute Certainty

Absolute Certainty long poem

Uploaded by Dmitriy Baimuratov

Why don’t we do what we are supposed to do?
This question is so close to you.
We have our lives, we live, we matter.
We do some things, not always for the better.

Why don’t we change when it’s so needed?
Why still we have some skills deleted?
You may not know the real answer
Because it is so hard to master.

We all have times when we give up
On things that could’ve changed our life.
We want to learn this foreign language
That might be just a huge advantage.
But then we just don’t follow through
The system that is not so new.
We want to change, we have desire
But something holds us from that fire.
Some weird feeling that is fear
Or maybe it is not so clear.

The reason why we don’t break through
Is just because we have no clue
That our goal is not a MUST
It is just SHOULD with little trust
In our abilities to figure out
The way that leads to better route.

We make decision to achieve a lot
However we won’t get this big huge yacht.
But it’s so possible, completely.
You can get change, and pretty quickly.

You need to put yourself in a state
When you are absolutely great.
When you have CERTAINTY to be a winner,
To have a vision that is bigger.

Whenever you are hesitating
That things will be a little bit frustrating,
Just take a picture of yourself,
Of what would life will be instead.

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