Winners of Happiness Happens Contest 2015

Winners of Happiness Happens Contest 2015 news and updates

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It’s a happy day! After hundreds of submissions, days of reviews and a month full of happy poems, we finally bring to you the 5 lucky winners of Happiness Happens contest who have won prizes amounting to 100$ (each winning entry receives 20$)

Here are our 5 winning entries that are surely going to be happy today –

  1. Coming of Age by Glen dodge – A poignant piece of verse that captures a beautiful thought ; sometimes Happiness does not just happen but one makes it happen as a means of escape from the darkness and despair that life may throw our way.  Beautifully written, tragic and yet sans any melodrama, this one is a sure fire winner, Kudos!
  2.  Senses of Love by Daniel Sukumar – Love perhaps is the most written about topic in poetry but this composition stands out truly..The metaphors used by the poet to describe his love paint a vivid picture in the mind and transport one to another place, as if the whole writing was being enacted out. Wonderfully crafted and the sense of love as the reason for all the happiness that happens to one is intricately woven through the poem. Congratulations to the deserving winner.
  3. Jigsaw by floorman2012 – So many submissions on all the things that make a heart sing with happiness but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The rhythm and cadence of the verse make it so lyrical that it could almost be sung! The simple things that make up what we think is a complex goal to achieve, enumerated and woven together so intricately, it makes one want to actually stop midway and count one’s blessings. An inspiring poem !
  4. Serene Attire by stephenwebb1 – “happiness and serenity is just a thought away” – such a simple thought and yet so profound, as is the rest of this poem which speaks of letting go of all that bogs us down so that we walk lighter and happier in this world and beyond.. The flow of the words and thoughts is mellifluous and liquid just as the idea of happiness should be. Congratulations for this winning entry.
  5. Stranger why should I not smile at you by Meghdutam – Happiness is not always about the self, sometimes it comes simply from the act of a smile passed from one stranger  to another to cause a ripple effect. A noble thought captured poignantly in this poem which is so simple and unpretentious in its composition but so magnificent in its content. Worthy win!

Congratulations to the winners. We will shortly mail you about your prizes.

Stay Happy. Stay HighOnPoems.

Photo by Brad.K

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19 Comments on "Winners of Happiness Happens Contest 2015"

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Ramapriya Nr

Hearty Congratulations to all the 5 brilliant fellow poets who have won the coveted prize. Each one of the poem is gem. The five richly deserves the honour


I’m happier than happy can be to be a winner of this coveted appreciation of my work. Congratulations should also go to all who entered whether you won or not. Participation and endeavours made for others to take note of and appreciate words of your mind’s wisdom is marvellous in itself. I encourage everyone to keep learning, writing and sharing. My humble thanks to the editorial board for giving me honour in this competition. It is the first one I’ve ever entered and to receive such an accolade is absolutely wonderful.

Desiree Brooks

Congratulations to all the poets, you are all winners…

Savi Mani

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners, for me all of us who contribute to this great site are a winner in our own way, those who deserved won but each of one of us is happy sharing liking appreciating each other which matters most. May our community grow more and more…..

ammu sachariah

congratulations to all the five winners.

Rebecca Alick

Congratulations to all the winners 🙂

prema balaji

Congratulations to all the winners and a pat on the back to all those who have taken the efforts to pen down their thoughts and in the process have encouraged others to begin their tryst with verse


Thanks all for your kind attention and wishes, and thanks again to all the winners and special thanks to those who came forward with an open heart to wish all of us.


Udaya Pant

congrats to all winners and other participants for great entries 🙂

Simranjit Singh

Congratulations to all the Winners and all the participants. May the Words keep flowing.

Geeta Varma

Congratulations! So happy!

Alexandra Rose

How do I enter my poetry as a winner?

Laxmi Dhoolashetti



well done to all the winners


Congrats to you all! Your words paint the pictures of life.

Kishan Negi

Hello ! All my writer’s community friends.
Congrats to all the winners from core of my heart, Amazing moment for all of us, Celebrate I with enthusiasm and exuberance wiyh great reverence for writing passion.

Kishan Negi

Hello ! All my writer’s community friends.
Congrats to all the winners from core of my heart, Amazing moment for all of us, Celebrate I with enthusiasm and exuberance with great reverence for writing passion.

Mazhar MIK

Congrats to all.


This is a good initiative.


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