Education Today

Education ought to bring us out of dark
Ought to take us to lights bright
Ought to enrich our knowledge
And make our cognitive powers sharp.

But is it true of it today?
Does it open new vistas?
Does it make us better humans?
Does it improve our visage?

Truly speaking answer is no
Literates without humanity
Nurturing without virtues
Is its the latest tragic tragedy.

Deserts sans oasis are too dry
To grow vegetation
There may be thorny bushes
But cannot be any plantation.

Is not our present education
Like the deserted wilderness?
Where dust storms prevail
And no tranquility but full of stress.

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

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I am an educationist and have penned books in Education, Hindi and English literature. My Hindi novel "Shashwat Prem" is acclaimed by Hindi Academy, Delhi. A book of poems in Hindi published by Parvati Prakashan Indore. My books on Education are : Humour in Classroom, Human Resource Development in Education, Shkshan Kshetriya Manav Sansadhan Vikas and Microteaching. These days I am working on Spiritual Education Management Development.
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Today’s education is just a typical race to be the best in the competition by measuring marks obtained by any means and not knowledge seeking. Being a student I face it and face hardships to sustain many conditions where a thought and curiosity remains unanswered and solution given to get marks and not to get knowledge. Being in a community platform like this is an honor to me but to many it is a waste of time. Taunted several times and never supported. We are prone to mug up notes these days without even knowing the book chapters and even buying any books for knowing more. Same notes are provided each year to mug and vomit but the expansion of knowledge is hindered. Everyone in the surrounding asks how much marks I obtained rather wanting to how mush I know. Able to express my feelings in a poem or story is not important to many. They corner us and only weigh the marks and even these days I have seen people corning students due to their personal anger with the students of other people. Education system is slowly getting hollow and I fear of some collapse someday. Praying for right… Read more »
Ramapriya Nr

Very nice poem. eye opener indeed. congrats sir


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