Revenge Of The Manifesto

Revenge Of The Manifesto elegy

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Overturned, years of stasis
Paralysis by mental blockade
A political metamorphosis.
Afoot at the general election;
Vengeance of the Manifesto.
The interregnum, the entrenched vote
Tranches appear, on Revised Register
Deceased coded, in numbers resurrect.
Beyond the grave, claim their names
Into a coffin, convert the ballot box.
From the back of the woods,
With a scythe over the hood,
Leads a procession of wolfs, out of
Grottos, hovels and roadside tunnels.
Some emerge from banks of runnels
A sexual revolution, pervert statutes,
Capitol Hill marches on Parliament,
Enshrines revulsion, Hijo De Puta Rights.
Santa Muerta, petals of blood, cowled in
Mourning black, death and widowhood
Her breast embittered in crusade morbid
Corrupts sacred ambrosia and absinthe.
Woe and bliss, in equal vials, dispenses
Titles, medals, benefits, hero privileges.
In tax credits, annual leave and bonus.
Gratis property, honorarium post and travel.
Met them once, chaperoned and chauffeured
The Deed of Death, a warrant for opulence.

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