And The Dark Of Dismay Knock No More

And The Dark Of Dismay Knock No More prose poem

Uploaded by flyer Jay

And the dark of dismay knock no more.
For the wider world’s haunting,
Higher than the sky
My love in kingdoms hang.

For the sounds of thought call
out screaming
Not to be heard by wiser ears.
The fortune of our wrists will write our freedoms on the dividing wall.

And the dark of dismay knock no more.
For stronger tides have pulled back evil
That in our own dreams was imagined
And ought not be given shape.

For the worker, deadly at his plow
Bows to no one
And the money-god will not laugh.

And the dark of dismay knock no more.
When all is at the driver’s wheel,
All in peace be sought out wanting
Nothing but his love’s true deed.
His love’s funeral,
His book of sins
And all is sought in the lover’s knot;
A field of bones played by the flute.

For the signal of our strength is an untrimmed smile
Higher than the stars,
My love in legacy hang.

For the great war
From within and without
Our holy seed shone through
To bide time until chaos swam,
Free as the shade and the lights of our eyes;
Together look on into the end of all,
And the dark of dismay knock no more.

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