Things Adults May Frown Upon

Things Adults May Frown Upon long poem

Photo by Fritz Park

A story of the glory—–
especially if you’re a tyke—–
of how to help your clueless parents distinguish
between being childish,
or the so much better…. child-like!
While barely at the age of three
quite the clever lad, indeed, was he,
so inventive the one whose name is Izzy,
that ever did his mum and dad grow dizzy,
when coaxing him to bed,
they’d wind up in a tizzy,
causing them to frown,
an expression in which the mouth of a parent, sadly, does, alas, turn down;
and, lest you think them lenient, or their methods somehow schizzy,
allow me, his true & favored toy,
to give a fair and true accounting of the boy—
the one in question, you’ll recall, whose name is known as Izzy……
I urge you hear me out so that he won’t be frowned upon,
perhaps as you might at some just-expired toy store coupon.

Now, since our early days and nights together,
be it napping or awake, confide in me
did he, with glee, no matter what the weather—-
surely this must be nothing you’d wish to frown at,
like, say, some hard to swat annoying buzzing little gnat!

So, one fine day, I’m here to say,
we were seriously at play
when matter-of-fact & out of the clearest blue—-
the very color of the sky—-
he told me something wholly true
and I know he would not lie……
the truth, surely nothing you would never wish to frown,
unless, of course, your mouth is somehow already upside down!
Oh, I can almost hear it, your adult brain
it’s so very very plain
will more than likely, yet in haste, be tempted then to say:
“Just how could a simple toy, a quite ordinary truck,
regardless of its heavy load of pluck,
understand anything even a child who talks might verbally relay?!
And, mind you, we adults have yet
to get
at another matter, that of just how he,
though clever he may be, this mere boy of three,
could have any sort of grown-up thoughts, you see, to say!”

Well, now, such a statement surely makes one who’s child-like sport a frown,
like some old saddened circus clown;
now, all you good boys and girls will surely notice
that adult human beings simply seem not to know this:
of atoms we’re all made, including any boy, or toy,
and should you have the quality of luck
to be made of & by them a proper toy, a truck,
and have four wheels ,
it’s easy to deliver
the scientific fact that everything is energy and,
is, therefore, always all aquiver!

And, knowing this brings the exact opposite of frown,
like, for example, saying to someone that ‘up’ is really ‘down’.
“Aha” say they,
“we’ve caught you in a lie,
and we adults need not even eyes with which a lie to spy
and furthermore to see that no truck,
despite its having quite a lot of luck
nor how clever its design,
has not a mouth with which to speak
nor even one of what they call an ear
with which, ahem, to hear!”
Oh my, these grown-ups, they must like to frown,
like when they’re lost and out of sorts in some unfamiliar town.
How sad their atoms they must be,
these folks we call ‘adult’,
for to learn of things their brains can’t know (like we)
their hearts they must consult;
forgotten, they, that before their brains did learn of why
they wondered at the simple loveliness of the color of the sky.
And, after learning this their brains they did become their leader, only
treating their feeling hearts as some childish place for the silly, and the lonely.
This must surely make the corners of their sad old mouths to freely turn toward down
forming their all-too-familiar pouty sad thing called a frown.

Please, adults, do not allow your brains to react to this telling of your child’s secret so that it you are against,
no, oh, no, for upon such a decision my hearty heart would surely itself frown,
and feel like a wild happy creature that was inhumanely chained & fenced.
This, then, is what he told me
this young and wise one they call Izzy, heart to heart:
When you add the first letter of any atom’s closest friend—-
that first letter of its electron, ‘e’, the one that follows ‘d’—-
humane becomes the human,
the greatest way to be!’

And, so, to all adults be they young or old or whether short or tall, while you go trucking on your grown-up way to the ending of your day,
though you be busy working or ending for bed your child’s play,
don’t be in such an awful hurry,
owing to some somber worry,
that you listen only to your head—
instead of hastening those kids to bed,
say nay,
but attention give, adults, instead,
to those atoms of your hearts—-upon them do not frown—-
it’s there you’ll find,
beyond your mind,
a smiling face as it gently does recline
whose head onto a pillow,
gladly will lay down.
P.S.: Oh, yes, Izzy,
whiz that he seems to be,
told me while he happily does scheme
it’s that child-ish ‘adult’ brain he’ll continue to delay
and from these child-ish heads he’ll extract more time to play,
to remind you and your grown-ups ’tis better not to frown,
but, rather, ’til it’s truly time for bed,
use the hearty child-like manner of the clown.

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Joseph Pravda

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