Appointment With Disappointment

Appointment With Disappointment long poem

Uploaded by Ramapriya Nr

That Life is a gift
hardly we realise It

Life is undoubtedly a Beauty
that we know but we see it as murky

We rush to get appointment
but end up with disappointment

Outstanding was I in studies
Missed being topper by a whisker
could not fathom a bookworm
cornering the top honour
Got disappointed for being second

Outstanding was I in sports
left behind hundreds in the race to top
Could not fathom sharing the top honour
with a fellow sportsman friend
Got disappointed for having to share the honour

My brilliance in academics fetched me lucrative job
I was riding a golden horse I thought
Shocked to see my class fellow Bossing over me
could not digest a fellow classmate under reserved category
occupying the top slot
Got disappointed to work under my fellow classmate

I was shattered when my Love ditched me
I got married to a brilliant sought after woman who loved me immensely
While others thought I was damn lucky to get such a wonderful wife
I was disappointed for losing my Love who never loved me

After a long wait for years my wife conceived
She was into Ecstasy on seeing the beautiful toddler arriving
I was still disappointed for the toddler not being male

I could amass considerable wealth during my life time
I still felt I should have earned more then the other
I retired from work disappointed for not achieving my dreams

Post retirement I had everything in life going smooth
Brilliant children leaving their own mark and well settled
A devoted , caring and non greedy wife
wealth sufficient to take care of generations
Health was never an issue

The fear of death started haunting me
I wasn’t prepared to leave the gift
called Life , the god had given me
But it was too late for me .
God finally gave his appointment
I had to quit the world reluctantly
But now none noticed my disappointment

Life is a gift I realised
only when I had to relinquish it

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Ramapriya Nr

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I am a retired Engineer from the Government of Karnataka and now 64 year old. post retirement I fancied to write in 3 languages namely English,Hindi and kannada. I have written several poems,short stories etc and have published two books namely ""Tri bhasha Kritigalu and Rampys vision on lifes mission and now it has become passion for me to continue writing. I have also developed several software computer programmes covering Technical,medical and general programmes
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