Just Fly High In The Sky

Just Fly High In The Sky long poem

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Let us fly , fly like a dove ,
In the sky , sky of love ,
Hand in hand ,
With no aim to land ,
Until our soul gets free from this cage of sand .
Let us fly to the heaven of heavens ,
Where LED bulb like stars twinkle ,
Which gives rise to the dimples ,
On moon’s face which is full of wrinkles ,
Where no one has reason to cry ,
Let us dive into the blue of happiness ,
Where no one breathes to die ,
Where there is no place for loneliness .
Like a bird ,
Let us fly , far from this world .
So just spread your wings ,
Get wet in the happiness which wavy wind brings .
Play hide and seek with grey clouds ,
Don’t hide just speak ,
Let your heart sing loud .
Delete the words cry , sob and weep ,
From your life’s dictionary ,
Lick happiness which tweeties reap ,
As you lick your fingers while eating fish curry ,
Stretch your dried lips and wrinkled cheeks ,
Smile! Smile! Smile!
Detach yourself from your exile ,
Dispatch all your tears in the Nile,
Become selfish , Forget everything for a while .
No matter what you go through ,
On yourself , never feel pity ,
Just fly like drops of dew ,
Far from all calamity.
Such that no power can pull you downwards ,
Not even the gravity ,
Fly so high , like a bird ,
For a moment , forget your identity .
Forget this world ,
And just fly , fly like a bird !

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Sankalp Singh

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If I have to explain myself in one word, I would say "Rare" . Only 1% of world's population is ambidextrous and I'm one of them. I can also do mirror writing . I love poetry . My aim is to become a web developer . I have another aim also. Whenever I see cancer patients dying, just because they don't have money for their treatment , then it hurts me . So if money can buy a dying person's life, If money can make a dying person alive, then I want to become richest person of the world.
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Free as a bird. and peaceful as a dove. Good work @sankalp_singh. 🙂 Good poem. Keep writing. 🙂

Fabrizio Frosini

”Become selfish , Forget everything for a while .”

well.. for a while it may work.. but reality drag us in, no escape.. 😉
However, ”fly like a bird” is a nice ‘motto’. Thanks for sharing, @Poetbysituation-notbybirth , and keep on writing


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