Travel By Armchair

Travel By Armchair ode

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Forever amazed of what is happening in the world today
Glaring eyes at sights, ears pricking to what people say
Many events enlighten us, interesting plethora of choices
Variety of feelings comes within, focused on telling voices

Becoming more learned each day, “Not such a darn fool”
Variety of teaching sourced by attending a ‘Living School’
Planetary natures of life exist for us, they are our teachers
Discovering them, “Now that’s an art!” so many creatures

Ability to travel not physically possible or we cannot afford
“That’s life at present, simply ‘playing the same old record'”
Let me tell you now my friends, “I’ve made a big decision!”
“I’m going to sit in my travelling armchair, watch television”

No weather conditions to consider shirt, shorts, hat or coat
Can travel all world sights as I want just flicking the remote
Somewhere or people I see and hear are being rather dull
Flick again and again, “Aha, now that’s great … wonderful!”

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I would personally like to welcome you to Rhyme Island and hope you enjoy your stay as you read my poems. ‘Rhyme Island’ is a fictional place of my own invention where I escape to in mind to pen my thoughts. It is a place where many people now visit from around the globe as ‘fans and followers’ of Rhyme Island. I am very thankful to the tools of virtual travel via the internet and the powers of social media. Using these methods has provided what I call ‘Tourism of Poetry’. People can visit Rhyme Island and I can reach far-away places at little or no cost to enjoy compositions. I’m an individual character, presently alive and well, who has been given a ‘god given’ DNA of creativity to write. Developed through no ending so far of living experiences the topics and stories constantly unfold. I put my craft to situations that call for reason or purpose hopefully in memorable cadences. My poetry can wrench the language with remarkable throw away insights in between straightforward observations and tales. In the narrative I try and include entertaining digression for feelings, thoughts and emotions to arise within the reader. Sometimes elaborate or over-fussy references may seem out of place but are written through my own vision and way of thinking.I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting Rhyme Island and it helps you in making life what you want it to be. “I hope you enjoy some happy reading please, with lots of smiles!”
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