Baby On Board

Dear Husband…

We had just started our lives together
Hopes to pick & dreams to gather
Confused I saw my correctness suffer
Irritated your freedom found a dictator;
Changing ourselves for better & worse
We were just learning to tighten our purse
Trying to arrange our love amidst chaos
Sometimes we laughed & sometimes we were cross
Suddenly one day there was a knock
God showed us a new path to walk
We had just struck a new chord
And we realized there is a BABY ON BOARD

Life became nausea mixed with hope
Your never ending love found a new scope
I enjoy the feeling of a life inside me
You patiently wait for the next kicking spree
Waiting for life’s joyous moments in store
But darling we need to mature…
Responsibilities by each day unfold
Making us realize … There is a BABY ON BOARD


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Vibha Lohani

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I have been writing since I was in class five, and I have written (like many others) for myself and kept my writings hidden in the pages of my diary. After 10 years of office and family duties I finally brought the writer in me out of the closet and started sharing my writings on public forums. The first time I did so , my story was selected by Penguin Publishers and Mrs Sudha Murty and published in an anthology "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven". This encouraged me to share my works further. So here I am ...
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Nice poem. Feeling and emotions are woven into a wonderful poem.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

…..already one grown-up-child ………..and now one more beautiful baby…..
………………no problem …..this mother of two can bulldoze the storm to vanish into thin air just like that…

ammu sachariah

‘ A baby on board’ is a happy feeling. It gives more strength to life. good poem.


Beautiful poem. Loved reading it.


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