In The Name Of A Name

In The Name Of A Name short poem

If no name on earth,
How could I exist?
I would have been like a bunch of cotton
Floating in the air,
A cluster of ideas unidentified,
A solitary being born and withered,
Which matters not to the world
But I had not to confuse the world
With my presence
In the name of a name
By giving the impression of
Me being existing
While in reality
I do not exist

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4 Comments on "In The Name Of A Name"

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Editorial Board

The Oriental Philosophy that holds everything material as illusions, and that only the Spirit is real, seems apparent in your poem,@indirasadanandan. Although the Universe, the Reality, Time and Space appear as notions that Science and Theology have yet to tie together to rid of the loose ends, to be effectively used by both, some meeting point have been reached. And so speak, no matter if in which standpoint you might be viewed, you will still make sense.

Balachandran Nair

just like it the way you write it, Indiraji. enrich with more n more beautiful poems. thanks

Editorial Board

Thanks for clarifying further @indirasadanandan with regards to the specific point contended in your poem. We take ours, as an impression from a general point of view, of the world at large defined in Philisophy. Whereas you have been privileged with the insider’s knowledge imparted by a great Guru in the Upanishads, we, students of Philosophy, while reconciling the nuances of the West and the East may glean wisdom from your poems. We hold with awe such poems as yours, dwelling on great themes.


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