Dreams- A Depressing Path

Dreams  A Depressing Path short poem

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‘O my Lord! Where are you?
On an old portrait my eyes are glued.

My happy days running far and far,
Now the times I’m confronting are hard.

From so many years, my dreams stood
And I have traveled as far as I could

No father, no mother and no friend I found on this path
And my face of tears has taken the bath—

The bath with fire on a fire laden way
And it’s not a story of a single day, but everyday

O Nanak! O Allah! O Jesus! This is what I’m seeing in my youth
Is this what I’ve to see till my maut (death)?

O Nanak, my father gave me an old portrait of you
On which my eyes are always glued

I’m twenty and I’m fed up with this; I don’t have any clue
And the only question I want to ask, how old are you?’

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Nakul Grover

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Nakul Grover loves reading urdu poetry of Ghalib, Mohmmad Iqbal, and Jagjeet Singh. He is currently living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu..
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Ramapriya Nr

Desperation so early in life shows the unsteady mind of the youth and the un certain feelings of the youth’s mind is beautifully penned. I am sure the debutant poet NAKUL will suely reach the pinnacle in days to come. congrats Mr. nakul ji for a well scripted poem


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