Kleptomania Fingers

Kleptomania Fingers long poem

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They sit on high chairs
Where they wear most expensive clothes
Their shoes were pointed and shining
They speak like parrots and walk like peacocks
They made promises which they will never fulfil
They live in a hell of paradise
which the majority could not afford
They have 140days break in 365days
Making and passing 30laws in 1460days
Their laws & bills were made for their benefit
Leaving their slum and seeking for paradise
in my fellow man continent
Half of the nation wealth went into their pocket
School buildings have collapsed
Teachers and lecturers are not updated
Educational system has turned to something else
What have they done in education sector?
Roads and bridges have collapsed
Where is all the infrastructure seen on TV?
They speaks in the light and work in darkness
Labor unions became their pet
Pressure groups became a barking dog with no teeth
They turn their deaf ear to the voice of the street
They kill millions of dreams everyday
They shatter the spirit of inspired ones
They change people with hope to hopeless
They turn people with home to homeless
The young men are working hard to survive
The pretty ladies are on the street selling their body to survive
Young children turn to beggars just for daily meal
Mothers work for 18 to 19 hours just to survive
Corruption blinds them from seeing majority who are struggling
They forget the masses who voted for them
Who dares to challenge them?
They become beasts who dare not be seen at daytime
After 4 years power will come to the people
They will beg and make promises again
by that time the door will be closed
We will dilapidate them with our votes
and send them back to where they are coming from
Hmm who is behind the electoral processes?
Is it unfortunate that we find ourselves in this crazy world
We are waiting for savior who will save
the dreams and hope of millions from these kleptomania fingers
We are hoping that that day will come.

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A young and energetic poet who is fortunately from Nigeria . Working and studying political science at IIMTS afflicted to Mahatma Gandhi University . I have vowed to speak for the masses and inspire the young people who are the future of our beloved nation .
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Mohammed Ayo Musa

Wow! This is a tremendous work of art. Keep it up, frnd


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