A Glance At The Past

All it takes
is one mistake.
Don’t make them last
mistakes from the past.

Beauty and the beast
they met at the feast.
Beauty played its part
by residing in the heart.

Appearances are kept
by those who are adept.
Appearances can be deceptive
if you are not receptive.

Lend me your ear
without the usual beer.
He has no peer
when it comes to beer.

Behave nicely
and talk wisely.
It was said sadly
that people behave badly.

Love can make a tear
quickly disappear.
Love can transform
when both are in form.

If you keep asking for more
you will end up begin a bore.
I need to attack
the things that hold me back.

Every bit of advice
given with a new voice.
Listen to it twice
if you need advice.

Early mornings I awake
to go kayaking in the Lake.
Today can’t be voided
nor tomorrow avoided.

Men of action
see it as an attraction.
Pick your latitude
then change your attitude.

Whenever I see thee
I see the angel in me.
Angels in their flight
share each other’s delight.

To find the golden age
just turn the page.
When I reached a golden age
I turned into a sage.

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Dr. Disha Khanna

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A PhD in American Literature, Dr Disha Khanna- The Diva! possesses 10 years of hands on experience in the field of teaching at the university level. Dr Khanna, a philosophical, fun loving and adventurous person is the content writer of school and college books. She has to her credit the translation of Hindi novel to English "The World Beyond the Motherland". Dr Khanna is the twice recipient of "The Best Researcher's Award" at LPU in the field of Arts & Languages. Currently, Dr Khanna is working as the Associate Professor at GNA University, and even the supervisor to many research scholars.
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