Happiness Happens For You, Create It For Others…..

Happiness Happens For You, Create It For Others..... long poem

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It’s said search for happiness
Is the main reason for unhappiness
All our life we search for happiness,
We wait for some big happiness to come our way
In the run, in the rush to get some big happiness
We overlook the small small happiness of daily life

nature’s beauty, blossom of flower,
beautiful sunrise, enchanting sunset
beautiful moon, dark clouds in the sky
make our heart feel like flying high
there is happiness in all of these
yet at times they fail to please

while writing this I tried to recall
the happiness which life threw my way
I remembered all those, the material gain,
the achievements, the success, the honours
yet the memories of those soon fade away

then I remembered those different kinds of happiness
my soul lit up with those moments’ sweetness
helping an injured to reach hospital
heading towards temple, but coming back
to give alms to those wrinkled faces,
Seeing God in their smile, in their blessings
holding hands of a blind man helping him to cross the road
giving food to those stretched hands with hollow sunken eyes

Yes, moments of these happiness were few yet they keep my spirit high
there is no happiness no personal gain which gives us
more happiness than those we create for others
It is said there is God in all of us
If God makes happiness happen in our life
Be happy, be blessed and try to create happiness
For those underprivileged, destitute
in whatever little way you can

and then you feel the happiness you created for others
Coming back lighting up your own soul multi-fold

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14 Comments on "Happiness Happens For You, Create It For Others….."

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Ramapriya Nr

A beautiful and thought provoking poem. It defiitely carries the message that happiness given is more in intensity then the happiness acquired for self. It is fact that when you help some body, the happiness they enjoy is tansferred to you as their blessings and that is the greatest reward one can get. congrats Saviji for a well thought poem

ramakrishnan chatakondu

This poem may seem to be lacking in grandeur but in terms of quality-advice this is the best ……….
…………….this poem is so rich in thought …..if followed wholeheartedly….
……………..it will compel God to grant us a very very decent life in our next birth too………


Beautiful thoughts of a beautiful heart. True happiness lies in giving happiness to all we come in touch with in one way or the other. It has to be selfless and without expectations of appreciation.

ammu sachariah

Savi, Your poem is always enriched with thought provoking matters. About this poem, as all your friends have commented, I too can say -a very good one .

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful poem Savi. Makes one think.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

Dear friend sorry I forgot to add this line in my first interpretation……..
………..less commercial stunt…..and more of substance……

Mothi Bai

fine and beautiful expressions


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