Beauty Created!

Beauty Created! long poem

Uploaded by MBJ Pancras

Awesomeness incorporated in thee: beauty created,
Creations agape look at thee splendidly designed!
Stars of the sky shower their grandeur in awe,
Mountain ranges tilted a little by thy beauty dazed,
Greenery with its children paint fecundity ‘cross the horizon,
Humanity astounded at thy countenance, bowed to adorn thee.

Thy eyes, small and quick, determine truth at large,
Drenched with loving tears rolling within,
Child-like streaks of light of brilliance gently shine,
Twain blackish pearls of dwelled within agile shells.

Thy nose of little knoll flawlessly designed to draw beauty nigh,
Little song birds shelter on the little knoll and chirp
Whose songs lead every soul of love unto the world of fancy
And dreams of tenderness and warmth flow like a stream.

Thy lips are the plumes of fantasy saturated in honey and sugar,
Flaps of melody rhythmically dance to the tune of Nature,
White marbles of the castle in the sky decked ‘twixt the plumes,
And show their splendor in smiles of love and tenderness.

Thy ears are the stately scrolls of manuscript of eternal gorgeousness
Simply designed for the study of history of beauty at all times,
Golden charms create verses of sweetness and gentleness,
And all creations of God respite in the wings of the scrolls.

Thy forehead, vast and splendid, stretched dwelling of love,
Lovers and their beloveds learn the art of sharing,
Romeo and Juliet dreamt of their lasting love right here,
And all souls bowed in tender and emotion dwell in thine.

Thy cheeks, plum and sweet, have dreams of wonder,
Juliet wept here longing for her sweet heart,
And her tears of love sprinkled across to remind
That love is ineffable and overwhelming with mystery.

Thy eyebrows, like tiny fish dancing and romping in the pond,
Splashes of melody chime within in every bound of thy eyebrows,
Signs of emotions, waves of feelings rippled in the heart of love
Expressed and woven with the art of poetry and music.

Thy eyelashes, the sprinkling of the water shower from above,
Tenderly caress the hearts of whose love is unfathomable,
They sing lullaby unto every couple of love for a wonder sleep,
And songs of love and passion wedded with romance sung.

Thy neck is the hillock, the slope meant for lambs to slide,
Children play with the lambs moving on meadows,
Lovers glide and climb up to propagate the truth of love,
Here Nature sets its wings open with its recurrent seasons.

Thy shoulders are the rendezvous of horizon painted with rainbow,
Across them shine the sun, the moon and the stars with their thoughts,
The sky of magic, with its infinite roof shelters each of creations,
And love is recited with strings of melody and rhythm.

Thy arms, so tender and caressing, teach the art of feeding,
Like the petals of blossoms warmth and joy offered,
Made of lyrics and odes, thy arms sing songs of love,
And every couple of love falls into thy arms of love.

Twain mounds of beauty are the towers of wonder charming,
Cupids and cherubs play on in joy and dream of love,
They’re the fountain of charm of delight and fantasy,
Sweet is sugar; sweeter is honey; sweetest are thy mounds of beauty.

Thy dreamy waist is the couch of fairies and angels which dwell in joy,
A part of the sculpture designed for the beauty incorporated:
The logic of beauty in its essence truly latent with charm,
Sturdy in elegance wedded with classiness impeccably.

Dancing ‘fesses’ add charm unto thy sculpture flawlessly,
Awesomely designed for charming gestures while floating,
Bards created; poetry born; music composed; lyrics sung,
And thine are the art of wonder and magic woven together.

Two sturdy stems built of charm and beauty are the pillars of citadel
Thy legs well-designed with each facet meticulously done,
Brunette art thou appreciably with beautiful stems of exquisiteness,
And art thou the figurine living in thy inimitable beauty.

Thy heart, so deep and fathomless, is full of grace and tender,
Marvelously adorned with patience and serenity,
Unspoken silence is thy utterance affirmed in career,
Geniality and warmth expressed in thy words.

Thy love, veiled unto the world, is destined but for me- –
The love that hath no blemish but of purity and poetry.
Thou hast made me a bard of verses by thy silent love,
And I know not why and how thou hast entered my realm of poetry.

I adorn thee with my poetry wedded with love and joy blended,
Thou art an inspiration born for my poetry predestined,
Ever art thou my child of art painted flawlessly,
And thou art the adornment of my world of fancy.

Thou art Beauty created by Him, modestly and astutely,
My poetry bows unto thy modesty and chastity in sincerity,
My eyes are shrouded with tears of marvel looking at thee,
And my heart romps in love and joy like blossoms in breeze.

Thy quiet agility and adroitness speak volumes of experience,
And thy aptitude hath no stain, but of magnanimity,
Thy silence hath meaning and the meaning hath nobility,
Distinct is thy way of life and hath loving-kindness.

Thou hast the smile of Lisa whose is ever mystifying,
And I may intend thou art mystifying unto me;
Yet my poetry may unravel the mystery of thy love for me.
And I believe I love thee deep in my heart with no stain.

Thou art living in my poetry and hath and poetry is immortality,
I’ve made thee fly in the magical realm of fancy and imagination,
Thou art my lyric, ode, sonnet, epic, couplet and haiku,
And my poetry born of my heart is full of thee.

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