Identity short poem

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The biggest discredit to one’s own self
is to not be ‘ yourself ’.
To strive to be like someone
is the biggest injustice, ever done.

To be your own biggest critic.
To judge with an impossible yardstick.
To never come up to your own expectations.
You are your own worst judge without question.

You can see beauty in everyone.
You are not cruel, you don’t judge them.
Why don’t you cut yourself some slack?
Why don’t you ever give yourself a pat on the back?

It’s no use to try and emulate.
We write different stories on life’s empty slate.
We live out our personal choices and dreams.
No two stories are ever the same.

Emotions are parallel to an extent,
but seldom any coincidences in the sequence of events.
Our experiences give us an identity, expression.
They shape our thoughts, values and actions.

You can admire the diction.
You can adore the vision.
Even if you make it your mission.
You will at best be, shoddy at duplication.

You have to stay true to yourself.
Go dig deeper into your own soul.
Have faith in your words.
Let them flow and find their own goal.

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6 Comments on "Identity"

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Swathi Rao

Very nice thought. Understanding individuality, and appreciating your own individuality is a wise and noble approach towards life.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

It is true all five fingers are not same…..
……that is why i admire my mark-sheets with low marks as something unique and with a purpose….
……….of course this is not an excuse to escape from my duties……
……but rather a chance to live my life as it is gifted by God to me with all my strenghts and weaknesses….
…………………and you may ask me …..who is God….and the answer is………..
…………………………………… maturity to fall in love with my own atma………………………

Savi Mani

Lovely poem to be your own judge and analyse yourself understanding who you are and what you are is much more better and meaningful then being and trying to someone else, …i remember one elder person from my family used to say first love thyself and then only you can love others yes dear i truly believe we are our own best judge……..nice thought provoking poem…….loved it ……..looking for more from you……all the best


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