Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis prose poem

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Who am I?
I mull over my identity…
And I ponder
Each one of us in this society,
Belongs to a ‘religion’…
To a set or a group,
And each set of people
Have their ‘rules of conduct’
Have own customs, laws and legislations,
I feel I am a misfit,
As I don’t belong to any of these groups,
Though I was born to a Christian family,
When I was baptized,
I did not even know what baptism means?
Yet I got the tag of being a ‘Christian’
Weird, weird world

Who is right? Who is wrong?
What is true? What is false?
Who defines it?
Human beings after all!!!
Here each set of people,
Have a name for their God,
Some say Jesus,
Some say Allah,
Some say Ram,
Some say Laxmi,
Some say Ganapathi,
Some say Krishna,
Some say Kali,
And the list goes on,
It is hard to assign an image of God,
Comes in all shapes, sizes & forms,
In all genders,
Be it male or female,
With fascinating fables,
Surrounding God,
Aren’t all these characters
Who people worship
Created by man?
Weird, weird world

We have built churches, mosques, temples, synagogues
And other places of worship,
As our God’s abode…
But have we ever thought,
God created this whole universe,
The creator need not dwell
In these concrete man-made edifices,
He is there within you and me,
Why search for him in these structures,
Weird, weird world

Religion divides humanity,
Into chunks,
Adds to the anarchy,
Creates boundaries and conflicts
Among humans
That only love can conquer,
So many lives have been lost,
In this struggle for supremacy,
Across centuries,
Yet humans fail to understand…
Weird, weird world…

Wish if things could change,
And people could realize the worth of life…

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Vinaya Joseph

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God's child. My parents are my inspiration. Nature has been my teacher. A self-learner who loves being in the wild, and enjoys the company of children and animals..Since I am blessed with a beautiful life, I love to share my happiness with others. Oscillate between extremes of being an introvert and extrovert. Solitude beckons. Silence is my strength. It calms me down but there are times when it drives me crazy...Passionate about teaching science and performing on stage (only English plays). Though I never pursued it. Love being on the radio...Child at heart...Materialistic pleasures don't intrigue me...
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Carmen Shantipriya

weird world, indeed… I feel the same!
Man created his own enemies, then worships them only and only for a personal gain.
A man loves the created after his shape god, not the creation of god (creation that it’s god itself) just because he can’t see what and where god is…
I always said so, that religion divides us even more than nationality does!
Unity? It will happen just when we will see everywhere people like us!


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