Come Close

Come Close short poem

Uploaded by Carmen Shantipriya

Look into my eyes when you’re close to me:
I want to lose myself in deeper waters than the sea,
To drown me in heavens more distant as the farthest star,
To feel that finding myself is not something impossible!

Come near me in the evening when my head falls on the pillow
Imagining that it listens to your heartbeat under the ribs of feathers;
When covering myself with a sheet,
I imagine that it’s your hand over my thighs.

Come near me tonight when my hands can’t find a nest,
And tired of the day flight would sit on your chest branches,
When my forehead seeks the warmth of your cheek
And my hair awaits to be scattered by the heat of your breath.

Look into my eyes when you’re close to me
And try to see how frightened I hide in their deep forests!
Listen to the rustle of my thoughts that only whisper about you,
Listen to my song and lose yourself inside me!

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