Lonely World

The fragility and passion that emits blood as viscous and crimson as the hue and cry of her inhabitants…

The sad, tormented and sorrowful soul of this groaning entity of life and death with her terminal sickness…

That hangs, suspended…and lonely, forsaken…

In a galaxy of a billion stars that seem to twinkle inexorably with cruel contempt, laughter and pity in equal measures…

As they stare night after night into the black intensity of the world’s bloodshot eyes and her amphitheatric cloak of creation…

And the world stares back….
And sometimes she shrieks with anger, not at the stars, but at her own loneliness…

This haunting, pulsating monster that cries in torrents of oceanic tears in an eternal cycle of monumental sadness…invincible yet vulnerable

This beautiful, but lonely creature…that controls but has no control…

She has a phantom arrow pierced through her mortal heart….that brings fear and frenzy…nightmares and horror…

Oh the horror!

But, behold! The arrow is not tainted, it is blessed with courage…with love…and with Hope.

For she is not alone after all.

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