The Garden

The Garden long poem

Photo by ~suchitra~

In a sleepy little village, nestled down a leafy lane….
Lives an Eden-esque panorama, that lies hidden from the rain.
In this garden full of secrets, where Mother Nature lays her head….
Exists a myriad of creatures, who have no fear nor dread.

Entomology rules its underworld, with an avian sky above….
The digging and the singing, it all is done with pure love.
So as the insects buzz and burrow, and the birds, they sing their song….
They help maintain this mysterious world, as every animal gets along.

We are taken to the marina, where the frogs they jump and croak….
Happy in ‘Amphibia’, as with the fish they laugh and joke.
The bush it stands so high and proud, like a mighty Roman sentinel….
The flora feels so safe and warm, the garden feels monumental.

As the sun sends down her glorious warmth, amongst a kaleidoscope of colour….
The garden bathes in this heartfelt glory, its passion could not feel much fuller.
A lonely bee from the Land of Honey, moves laser-focused, steadily from flower to flower….
He must work fast to take the nectar gift, to his queen within the hour.

The wind picks up a gentle breeze, blowing forest leaves too small to mention….
Yet we now are giants in a tiny alien world, akin to another dimension.
The forest we see is not make-believe, although at night, through it fairies they fly….
The miniscule trees we witness from a Far East land, are the perfect, the immaculate Bonsai!

At the end of the garden….in this amphitheatre of beauty….
As nature’s thespians sing and work in El Paradiso….
There sits a Gothical monument, a throne for The King….He will sit there and enjoy his gazebo.

For though the garden is God-given it’s true, mankind had to know what to do….
The Man’s gift is an art that sets him apart, as he breathes life into this incredible view.
The animals they jabber and squawk, they are content in this utopia, light or dark….
They only have this ability to enjoy this tranquillity, because of The Man’s tender green fingers at work.

The Man studies his kingdom like a poet his poem….like an artist surveying his masterpiece….happy with his work…. The Man smiles at the soft breeze….
As Mother Nature brushes his cheek with a kiss.

Herbs and flowers, grown from misguided hours, a pond with a surreal look of romance….
With its Tinkerbell waterfall, its bubbling serenity, makes the firefly at night want to dance.
So, as the day turns to dusk in a heartbeat of time….and the nocturnals awake in the night
The cycle continues….the world outside should learn…..
So much from this beautiful sight.

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