Lives Untold

Lives Untold short poem

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Lives untold
Lives not read
Lives unfollowed
Lives not led
Some don’t want it
Some don’t need it
Some don’t have a choice

So take it
Take it in
Breathe the air around you
Let life begin
Let it end
Let it take sharp turns
Try not to crash and burn


Life is a good thing
A beautiful thing
The sun shines everyday
The rain eventually goes away
Even the blind can see
See in the hearts
Because seeing isn’t believing
Its the thought that counts

So tell your story
Read your story
And be led
Want your life
Need your life
Like you don’t have a choice

You don’t have to wait your whole life to see the beauty in life
See it now
Need it now
Be it now

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We should think more enough, so I hope I make you think, and vice versus.
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

When birds fly …we allow them to fly…
When you are going to write…we are going to allow you to write…….
…….because we know both of you are going to touch peaks .

ammu sachariah

Well written. You have told a truth ,We don’t have to wait the whole life to see the beauty in life. Try to see
it now and enjoy. I enjoyed reading it.

Savi Mani

Dear Feona Dabson ( @Feona_Dabson ) lovely poem, life is to be lived every moment cause life is one, no one knows from where we have come and where we will go, life is to be lived against each odds, each and every moment is to be lived and enjoyed, so true we dont have to wait whole life to see the beauty, today is to be lived to its utmost or else it soon becomes yesterday… is a mystery worth living……..loved your poem and lived it….


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