Wild Feelings

Wild Feelings prose poem

Uploaded by Suresh Rai

Emotions run high
They are like wild horses at times
Feelings just hide themselves in my heart
Like the new brides
The wild horses can’t be controlled
I don’t have the faintest idea why
I lose the inklings of why
But the touch-me-not like feelings
just vanish without a trace
like the shooting stars in the nightly heavens

I’ve gained and lost
I’ve got sunshine and frost
I’ve loved and lost
I’ve never cared much the cost
But who hasn’t?
Like every other soul,
I too tread on this earth
I inhale the same O2
Exhale the same CO2
Quench my thirst with the same water
from the sprouts
So why and how would the world
expect much from me?
Makes me ponder
Over this tragedy, comedy, or other
Elements of all this damn drama
At times I see Shakespeare in me
Sometimes Hitler
At some point Gautama Buddha
But when I come back to reality
I find the REAL ME…
I don’t find a DIFFERENT ME
when I look at myself
in the river water, or the lake water

I shot the sharp arrows of time
from the bow of my circumstances
They soared high in the sky
They roamed around the globe
And again got back to me
And I wonder why I couldn’t
Hold those arrows hostage
why I was unable to set up a cage
to keep them safe and sound.
I slipped the fish off my hook a million times
And now regret causes me severe pain
And somehow I kill the pain
with the painkillers of my reality.

But I never lose heart
Neither hopes and dreams and desires
Now I hold my feelings tight no more
I let them wander freely
like the lions in African forests
And I know they shall pounce upon
countless preys
And those days are JUST ROUND THE CORNER.

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Suresh Rai

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By profession, I'm an educational consultancy owner and study abroad service provider in Dharan Nepal. And also, I am a media person. Poetry is my passion and I just sit down to write a few poems when I'm in a poetic mood. Visit my company website www.edenconsultancynepal.com
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