Transliteration from English to Hindi

Transliteration from English to Hindi tips and tricks

“Kuch aisa likho, jo sab keh jaaye. Kuch aisa likho ke dil bhar aaye.”
“कुछ ऐसा लिखो जो सब कह जाए। कुछ ऐसा लिखो के दिल भर आए।”

Even before you ask the question ‘Why transliteration?’ we thought of giving you an answer. The beauty of any language lies in its original font. It gets closer to heart, reaches deeper. So here’s a simple steps on how to write your soul stirring poems in Hindi (Devnagari) font.

How to Hindi transliterate on Windows desktop?
Download Google’s Hindi Transliteration Tool

How to Hindi transliterate on chrome browser?
Download and Install Chrome Extension

Visit Google’s Input tools page to learn more.

How to type transliterate in hindi on Android phone?
Download Google’s Hindi Input Android App 

So start typing your heartfelt poems in Hindi font on your desktop or phone and submit them to us.

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Randall Smith

Yes, what is Devnagari script? /
and why would I translate into another language?

Savi Mani

I fully agree “The beauty of any language lies in its original font. It gets closer to heart, reaches deeper” thanx for providing space to write in Hindi……

Savi Mani

Thanx for giving us this wonderful platform…..

Kenneth Miller

I’m going to read more of your language considerations.
You have a nice way of talking about language stuff. I’ll look more here. Thank you.

Kishan Negi

Hi! I am really happy to find a platform where we submit our creations in Hindi also. Really this an amazing garden where one can sow the seeds of one’s dreams in hindi crops also. Thanks a lot.



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