Summer Rain

Summer Rain short poem

The pitter-patter begins on a cue,
To leave behind shiny drops of dew,
Sparkling with their many colours and hues,
The smell of fresh green grass comes alive, anew.

The quick drops splash down,
Ridding the city of her hot frown,
The dirt & grime are washed away from the town,
And leaving behind a rainbow – the city’s crown.

The rain’s best companion is the strong gust,
As she moves through, the temperature politely adjusts.
Pedestrians scurry along, at first nonplussed,
Then they move on to sipping some hot tea – an absolute must!

The rain, she is the warrior against the steady heat,
Offering solace as she overcomes the summer, to defeat.
She vanishes till the clouds meet,
We realise her value, for bringing her back is quite a feat!

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An Engineer with bursts of creativity. My poems are mostly rhymes and sometimes take a nonsensical turn. When I'm not working, I write poems or work on paper craft.
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Editorial Board

You write @sushantika with some science in mind —the rainbow during the residual downpour, the washing of the town, or the ventilating effect of the wind, all technically the effect of the cause. And do we know that at times of rising temperatures, a hot tea is much better than iced drinks? A poem as scientific, as it is poetic. We learn as well as entertained. Thanks for this.

Joseph C Ogbonna

This poem can undoubtedly compete with the works of the classical poets.I love the delicacy of language.Thanks for sharing it,Keep it up.


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