Why Them?

Why Them? short poem

Too many mouths to feed, fewer hands to work,
Life is a constant struggle, but they have to give birth!

For them their life was never a choice,
Did God play a cruel joke? Were they his toys?

When you complain about your problems, look at their lives,
They toil each moment, each one of them strives,

The struggle is not to attain luxury, but to meet their daily needs,
We are blinded to these happenings, overpowered by our greed!

They can only wish or dream of a better life,
When getting their daily bread would not be a strife!

They can merely pray to the Lord, hope that they too grow,
Will these prayers be answered, they would never know!

So when you are at the top, don’t think of just yourself,
Rather try hard and to someone be of help!

Will take a lot of trying but when your at the helm,
Don’t crib about your own, try and think of ‘Why Them?’!

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2 Comments on "Why Them?"

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Swathi Rao

True, in this fast jogging world, if each person who can afford, gives but a single moment of thought, they can change so much to these souls, with such little chance, although everyone has their battles at different degrees to them. Nicely expressed.

Editorial Board

All is fair in love and war, @BluePhoenix. Everything we do, or everything done, by us or by anybody, has
been cleared in the Halls of Justice of the ethereal, as justifiable, relative to the current times. If anything
hinders the occurrence of anyone’s action, then that could be an infringement of that someone’s free will. So, “why them?” you ask as if some power has a hand on the choice of who gets what. Very thought provoking write.


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