The Cage

The Cage short poem

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I wondered,
What does freedom mean to me?
Perhaps, it could be liberty
From the internal struggle,
That I undergo everyday…
In the distance,
Through my window,
I saw a little bird in a cage,
And I wondered,
What would freedom mean?
For that little bird…
In its prime,
It had touched the horizons,
Spanned the vast blue sky,
Took flights,
And challenged mighty heights,
With its tiny wings…

Today, confined within a cage,
This little flying soul,
Has lost its flight,
Courtesy human desire

I wondered,
How selfish we humans are,
Just for our desires,
We confine someone,
That’s breathing and alive,
Behind metal bars,
With limited food,
Little water,
Sans wood,
Sans its habitat,
Animals to soothe our senses,
Losing its liberty to human desires
And greed…

The powered human race reigns,
Pleasure for one,
Pain for the other,
Strange are our ways,
Oh human!!!

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God's child. My parents are my inspiration. Nature has been my teacher. A self-learner who loves being in the wild, and enjoys the company of children and animals..Since I am blessed with a beautiful life, I love to share my happiness with others. Oscillate between extremes of being an introvert and extrovert. Solitude beckons. Silence is my strength. It calms me down but there are times when it drives me crazy...Passionate about teaching science and performing on stage (only English plays). Though I never pursued it. Love being on the radio...Child at heart...Materialistic pleasures don't intrigue me...
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Poet wonderfully expresses the contradictions of life


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