The Happiest Boy In The Universe

The Happiest Boy In The Universe long poem

Uploaded by Fariq Yusoff

I love today. What a beautiful day!
The Sun is up. The birds chirping away.
Today, I’ll share my smile, I’ll share my wave.
I’ll share my laughter and how to be brave.

I clap my hands and sing and dance…
Even if I’m alone, I will dance with the plants.
Slowly Skipping along and singing a tune.
I’ll say my goodbyes but shout, “See you soon!”

I’ll love to find and help a friend.
I will sit with them and hold their hand.
I will hug them. I will kiss them.
Make them feel Better. Help them to stand.
Tell them, “It will be better!”
Because today, they have me as a friend.

I love today. What a beautiful day!
The raindrops are falling. The wind howling away.
Get my raincoat on and boots on my feet.
Rush outside carefully so I won’t slip.

Jump around in puddles, splashing away!
Feel the droplets of water on my hands, pattering away.
I love to look up as the clouds float clear.
What a beautiful day to spend it right here!

I Love today. It’s always a fresh start.
Everything is beautiful. Everything is art.
Do you love today? Tell me quick before it gets late.
Because, I may not be here tomorrow. I heard what the doctor said…

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