Happiness Is Forever To Stay

Happiness Is Forever To Stay prose poem

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Someone asked me, what happiness is, can you define?
I smiled and politely said, it differs from person to person, who am I to redefine?
Being happy is a matter of choice,
It is mere listening to one’s inner voice!
It a fact that we crave in the world for the finest things that we WANT!
And we end up and settle down with what we NEED!
This is the reason to be happy, but we simply fail to pay any HEED!
What is happiness if you ask me?
I would say all small acts that brings SMILE on our faces, defines Happiness!
One EMOTION that we often shy out in Expressing is HAPPINESS,
We belong to the self, the self that is purely contend, the self that is purely connected to GOD!
HAPPINESS is thus not to be searched around,
It lies within us, and that’s exactly where it is found!
We understand happiness with different definitions!
With lots of confusions, clarifications and different perceptions!
With lot of difficulties and rejections that came my way,
If I still chose to remain delighted and keep my smiles on, on a constant display,
It is purely happiness, and I don’t understand why people say it is not a child’s play!
Life may be a strict teacher; however, Happiness shall always have an upper hand and will sway!
Let’s keep the troubles away, and keep from all the dismay!
Let’s be happy and embrace the life in a new gorgeous way!
Let’s get all the happiness we aspire for, it is available free of cost within us, so why should we pay?
Happiness is not a condition therefore, I say,
It lies within us, and so it is there forever to STAY!
Be Happy with what we have, after all we just have one day with us called – TODAY!

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Zelam Tambe

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I am a SIMPLE person, i believe in one thing-whatever comes your way.welcome it with a smiling face & in the first place ITSELF SO at the later stage, there is no room for any regret or complaints...WHEN YOU BEILIEVE THAT WHAT U DO IS TRUE- DO IT..
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Abhinav Saxena

Excellent connotation of the word “Happiness” and i liked most the line that “it lies within us”…भारतीय मनीषियों और सूफियों का भी यही मत था…


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