Heartily Smile

She smiled every day
And I returned her the same on my way!
She smiled every day
And I walked by just the same way!
She smiled at every face
That crossed her sight and
that I wanted to be her friend!
She was like a smiley angel on a bench
For every one else was so busy in the park
But her! she only looked for faces to greet!

She smiled yesterday and I
Wanted to know her name!
She smiled today and I
Wanted to tell her she made my day!
If she smiles tomorrow, I
will hug her and keep my promise to smile every day!

Few days gone she is been missing
And I could feel the void of her absence
Searched every nook and corner of the park
Even asked few others but no one knew her otherwise
At last on a cold winter morning here she comes
She appears back on her bench!
Filled with love and anguish I went up to her
for the first time and I could ask only for her name
She politely looked up and said… “Happy”!

And said…..”A little smile a day, a little wide a way,
A little clear a while, a little messed a style,
Until you get a little heartily smile!”

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Ajin Kp

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if you and I were walking on a beach, you may prefer being mesmerized by the horizon while I choose to inspect introspectively the foot trails I leave behind!
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