Dry Leaf

Dry Leaf short poem

As the dry leaf came down
from the binding roots
the breeze lifted
it and took it in its lair ..
and laid it
amidst the densest green …
there to rest …
when… there
came a momentary storm
that shook the calm away
and there settled a
restlessness …and
the leaf implored ..
Why did you ever come

I came replied the breeze
to give another promise of life
the promise though false
made you live a moment longer
and drove you to ponder and think
think about the age old questions
questions you had shunned
maybe I came too late
and maybe I don’t belong here
but belong even you not
in the dust, to be crumpled
under the feet of men and beast alike
so what if you are withered
so what if you are weak
I will raise you to the heights of heaven
and even if that heaven is short lived
you will know for sure that you deserved it

that is why I came…

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Editorial Board

Adversity, and even old age are sure to come to one’s life. If dreams, or hope of better times are shattered, there is still some leeway open. Would not your poem suggest to dream some more? A new dream, again and again? And @zyborg your poem would inspire.


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