Man Of Action

Everything was easy and the good guy was me
Chasing bad guys through the cobbled streets of Galilee
The wine was sweet joy, the mad loving intense
Lead bullets were flying, lives lost makes no sense
I’m a man of action with a mission as you will see
I then gather myself in, a two bit actor, an old re-run movie

I help the hungry to eat, each and every day
I teach the lonely and sad, a much better way
I fuelled the aircraft that swept poor refuges away
I tell the politicians my vote they will not ever sway
Just when it appears wrongs are righted, everything’s groovy
I see all the desolation, no relief, it’s just an old re-run movie

A Christian once told me the secret for life’s happiness
Was love your brothers and sisters, easy as yourself
Live a life of wholesome goodness and never ever strife
Put others before yourself and give thanks to God for life
For your sole purpose on earth was passing kind unbound love
Giving all the glory and thanks to our forgiving Lord above
Make each day honest with purpose, believe and be free
You’ll not be just another actor, in an old re-run movie

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"Let every word tell; Make every word count!" Those words were spoken by Ed Fike, editor of editorial page of the San Diego union newspaper in 1981, when I took his night school journalism course at San Diego City College. Mr. Fike had a profound influence on the way I approach writing. I believe he had a profound influence on everyone he met. Anyway, I did not pursue a career in journalism, but instead became a tradesman, earning my living with my hands. Writing is my hobby and pastime.
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