I beg thy forgiveness

I beg thy forgiveness short poem

She lives in her own world,
world that is beautiful still
there are fairies in that world
witches, goblins and godmothers too
such is her world all around
and she is the princess of all
she is to be cherished
remembered and looked after
she is the dew on the rose,
first rain drop to hit the ocean
she is the pearl of the oyster
she is the fresh snow
she needs to be pampered,
to be spoilt, to be looked after
such is her world all around
and yet she walks in this ghastly world
and still maintains that princely dream
as if she has seen that dream
not only seen but lived one day
a long long time ago…..

In her world there is no space for hatred
she gets angry, but not vengeful,
she has never known hatred
she is but love incarnated
and to inquire of her
whether she had loved ever?
she won’t know, cause’ all her life
she has loved everything and everyone the same

she is not a coy princess though
’cause she knows a tantrum or two
and when she gets mad,
the whole of nature goes wild
the oceans rise
the earth shakes
the mountains fall
and the mere mortals plead for mercy
I ask thy forgiveness princess…
I ask thy forgiveness…

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Editorial Board

Enigmatic @Zyborg and perhaps a writer’s note would help the reader relate to your intent more


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