Knock short poem

Like a long forgotten melody
wrapped in the mist of time
bringing back all the memories
good and bad alike
you knocked at my door again
and sent me reeling
into the past long forgotten
long lost, long left

why did you ever knock

I again remembered
what being alive means
remembered what soaring into free air meant
visited the burial place
of all my severed limbs
went to the abode that was heaven once
now in ruins
ruins that don’t even talk about glory
that once was

why did you ever knock….

I knocked to find out
what happened to the dream
that you once were
what happened to the soul
that was the only one free
what happened to the eyes
that spoke a million words
what happened to the words
that kept talking about hope

I never expected to see the ruins
I never expected to see a crippled man
dragging along the past
forgetting what he stands for
I came just to draw inspiration
from someone who meant a lot

that is why I knocked…

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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When some experiences in life jolt us into reality, our perception becomes sharper. The dreamy outlook in life, or the desire to see only beauty makes us evade reality, and then we awaken into the harsher factual world. Or the expectation preconditions the senses on what to perceive. Your poem @zyborg makes the reader think, nevertheless. You always dwell delightfully on the rhetorical.


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