The Liberty Dreamer

The Liberty Dreamer long poem

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Envision freedom as a circle spanning three hundred and sixty degrees

And sitting at the circle’s center you are at liberty to swivel and tilt at will

Mesmerized by the seemingly limitless opportunities that beckon

Within each degree a fountainhead suffused with vocation

And you are at liberty to choose among many choices

Without incarceration, custody or constraint

A path imbued and pregnant with destiny

And though you must endure sacrifice to excel

Born to love and felicity

The only obstacle before you

Is to leap without reservation along a path already foreordained with peace and prosperity


Such liberties remain the preserve of kings and queens, lords and noblemen

And few among us inherit such glory

And you are not among them

Your pitiful birthright barely spans a degree of opportunity

And you will always peer into the warm from the cold outside

A swaddling cast upon a landscape of turgid black-peppered earth

A pauper not a prince, an enslaved soil tiller not a king

A birthright so pitiful you barely command a grain of sand from deserts sweeping so vast

Nor can you imbibe a single drop of water from oceans wet and ebbing

Bound by societal chains, suppression, racism and misogyny

A destiny hijacked and shackled to invisible nemesis

And after endless toil you are overcome by exhaustion and lassitude

Your subaltern fate draws ever nearer

A sheaf waiting for the sickle


Sudden like a stowaway

Escaping from a labyrinth of barricaded opportunity

A solitary voice breaches the ramparts of darkness without supplication

A message so powerful and pure it radiates outwards across the universe

Into hearts that have long ceased to yearn

And woebegone souls that have long ceased to dream

And awaking from your poverty induced stupor

Freedom becomes your final act of rebellion from mental slavery

And with the liberty dreamer now awakened within you

You possess the key to a circle of opportunity suffused with vocation

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Swathi Rao

Indeed… Liberty was hard earned back in the age of kings.. Now tho’, Liberty may well be achievable.


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