The Morning Melody

The Morning Melody short poem

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I hear everyday a 10 bits song,
every morning, I wake up with the musical alarm of clock-
it sounds as “Ding Dong Dong.”
“Tweet”, “Tweet”- birds come out from nest with early dawn’s knock!
With clucking and crowing of hens and cocks-
I make myself ready for an early walk with a pair of shoes and socks.
The morning breeze welcomes me alike every day-
as it comes through the valleys to call me,”Hey!”
Some frogs try to make their passage on the road side,
They say “croak” as they hop on the rocky slide.
The squirrels play hide and seek,
they as usual chatter with the sound of”tick-tick”.
The sound of siren comes out of shipyard-
makes me aware of my daily routine to look forward.
I can hear the crashing sound of waves from the sea-shore,
It adds an echo with the ringing bell from the temple-door!
All I hear the pleasant melody of nature-
with the silence of morning and its cheer.

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Nice poem. Good cadence.


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