Don’t Go Sweetheart

Don’t Go Sweetheart ode

Uploaded by Akhtar Jawad

a night under a blue moon,
still alive, not dead,
let me read, all unread,
let me write, all unwritten,
let me see, all unseen,
let me show, shown not ye,
let me do, done not yet,
let me tell, told not yet,
It’s a night,
under a blue moon,
don’t go so soon,
listen, not yet listened,
life is just a night,
yes, I am yours,
yes, you are mine,
I am your beehive,
the honey in me,
is just for you,
press me, crush me,
do with me, whatever you like,
take away all my honey,
let your lips be,
sweeter than sweetest,
kiss me I am not yet kissed,
I’m beauty you always missed,
Don’t refrain,
I’ll die with my pain,
when I am nothing more,
just the remains of love,
make a candle from the wax,
light me, burn me, melt me,
keeping me, the lit candle,
go to your nest,
you the awakened bird,
I know you’ll go.
Oh you! The pilgrim of the Milky Way,
a rider of the scoundrel moon,
I don’t like you,
flying in dark.
Right now, you cannot go,
get rid of this to and fro,
night is still alive,
I have asked the dawn, to delay.
Don’t go sweetheart!

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4 Comments on "Don’t Go Sweetheart"

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Suhail Kakorvi

Beautifully written poem penetrates heart. THANKS FOR SHARING

ammu sachariah

Jawad ji, your poem is always heart touching.


Your poetic pen was on fire when you wrote this excellently crafted poem, dear friend Akhtar.
The visual detail is breathtakingly beautiful.
‘I am your beehive,
the honey in me,
is just for you’
Love is not expressed any more beautiful than these words express it. Lovely use of various figures of speech throughout the poem.
I love how the poet asks the dawn to delay arriving, wanting to stay with his beloved just a little bit longer.
A wonderful romantic write, so eloquently expressed. I so enjoyed reading. Kudos on a great poem, dear Akhtar…


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