Being Happy

Being Happy short poem

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I sometimes feel that I don’t feel
An irony, isn’t it?
But it isn’t so.
I do feel things.
I do feel cared when someone cares for me.
I do feel when someone is being friendly with me.
I do feel that I have got feelings for her.
I do feel happy when I make my parents proud and happy.
I do feel loved when my younger brother calls me “Bhaiya”.
I do feel responsible when my lovely sister puts her head on my
I do feel bad when my parents scold me.
I do get hurt when she ill-treats me.
I do feel ignored when she dodges my call.
I do feel irresponsible when my assignments aren’t complete on time.
I do feel wasted when I don’t get good grades.
I do get panicked when my examinations are close.
I do feel ecstatic when someone wishes me.
I do get bored with “stupid talks”.
I do feel ambitious when some opportunities come across.
I do feel good when I see some “beautiful” girls.
I do feel happy when I see kids playing.
Yeah, I feel things.
But I’m scared
I’m scared that if I let myself be happy for one minute, then
my world’s going to come crashing down.
That’s why I keep a distance from “being happy”.

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