Ray Of Hope

Towards the acme,
Blistering blizzards,
Come no more,
Irritating hazards.

Trekking day,
And night,
Up and down,
Searching for light.

Tired and thirsty,
The Great misfortune,
Climbing and climbing,
When will I seek good fortune.

Walking and walking,
The harsh climate,
One step at a time,
I cannot acclimate.

Soon came,
A ray of hope,
Climbing and climbing,
A steep slope.

And finally,
After all tribulations,
And not to forget,
The frustrations!

The moment I’ve been,
Waiting for,
The day when I capture,
The view of,
The majestic Aurora!

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Tanish Baidya

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Crazy, introverted, shy and inquisitive! Has a passion towards coding, and loves animated movies :PI'm 15 and a half, if you wanted to know my age
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Akash Pokuri

Great poem from a little one

Baidya matrimony


WOW!! Wonderful piece.. Use of nature and it’s beauty in the perfect manner. This poem is a truth of natural beauty.. Very good work @rishubaidya .. Keep it up. I have to share it. This one’s appreciable. And everyone will enjoy reading it. Want to read more.


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