The Fault

The Fault short poem

Uploaded by Prajvi Mandhani

This poem is On the basis of the thought written by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar , ” the fault dear brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves ”

They searched and searched
Their entire life
For a fault across the line
For a fault in their fate
For a fault in their stars
They argued for where the fault would be
They cried tears
So they can search the oceans too
The papers were signed
And they were lawfully drifted apart
The fault was yet to be found
While their hearts slowly got lost
They blamed it on destiny
For god made a fault in their life
For the tales were written wrong
For the souls in their fate were diverging
For they were never parallel
For they could never meet
They applied maths
They applied science
But they never applied what never has to be applied
As the fault was never in their fate
Was never in their destiny
Was never in their vows
The fault was never in their stars
But was in themselves

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Hello! I am a 12 year old girl and an aspiring poet ! I am a fangirl and in love with Harry Potter , Percy Jackson and Hunger Games !! I am young so my poems might not be well polished but i just write my feeling on a piece of paper because i love doing it ! Hope you like my thoughts written through my poems!!
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devanshi GUPTA

the poem itself is blend of your mature thoughts ,your vivid imagination and most importantly the way you see life ………i have to be honest i will be reading this poem ater 20 years …..understanding the real meaning of this poem and remembring you with a smile


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